Creative Travel Photo Ideas

7 Tips To Succeed With Your Travel Picture

Nowadays, we talked a lot about inspiration and also how it is important to participate and contribute to social networks, by publishing photos on Instagram.

Here are seven ideas to be creative and have a wonderful picture during your next vacation!

1. Great photography of travel: put some color!

Creative Travel Photo IdeasFor beautiful pictures feel free to play with all the colors you can find in your environment. If you travel in Latin America, for example; insert a maximum of vivid colors, it’s in this region of the world that the fluorescent colors are the most present. If you take pictures in the fall, use the colors of the season: green and brown blend perfectly.


2. Ask for permission


To discover a country or a region, nothing better than typical portraits of the inhabitants. To avoid passing for a rude outsider and get interesting portraits ask permission to take pictures, very often people will be delighted with the interest that you show them.Remember to approach people politely is the better way to get a picture with natural poses.


3. Be Patient


To have the most spontaneous images you should learn how to wait for the right moment, in most cases when you travel you have time to take advantage of your free time to observe and capture the best moments. In an environment where there are a lot of people (a market in an open area for example), You can be discreet and wait patiently to see an interesting moment to capture the scene.


4. Tell a story

Do not hesitate to take a series of picture focusing on the same topic, so you can tell a story through your succession of shots.Take pictures that will remind you of something, the best images of travel are not always the most beautiful but the one that will make discussion with your friends and the one that will make you remember those precious moments.

5. Target the special architecture of the place where you are.

Every city has a particular architecture. Find the cultural and iconic building in the city. Aim for the sky and the building, for example, play with lines and different reflections. Let your imagination free.


6. Photographing children

Children are the best model for photos of the world. They are naturally photogenic and are genuinely sincere. They play the game of photography gladly. Emotions in the eyes of children are strong elements of a picture. It adds a lot of interest to your pictures.


7. Enjoy the sun and natural light using a bright lens.

The best light you can have on your picture is at the start of the day, a few hours after the sun comes up Take advantage of the panoramic view and use the light to create a stunning picture. Add filter and use the natural light to create creative colors.



Don’t forget that photography should be fun, if you are friendly and natural you will succeed to meet and photograph as many people and places under the ideal conditions.

I hope that these 7 tips about creative travel photo ideas will help you. Have a wonderful vacation and travel adventure.